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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are an important part of our business strategy. Our goal is to create an environment where all employees can maximize their talents and abilities. The corporate culture that comes as a result of a focus on diversity and inclusion makes us both a stronger employer and a stronger competitor.

SGF Energy Ltd's (SGF) diversity and inclusion strategy is supported at the highest corporate levels and led by example through the company’s Executive Diversity Officer’s Committee. Our Diversity Teams are active at each major SGF location.

Our Workforce

SGF is an equal opportunity employer. We focus on building a diverse workforce by recruiting, hiring and promoting the most qualified candidates. We want to ensure that training and development opportunities and resources to create work/life balance are available to all SGF employees.

Our Corporate Culture 

SGF offers a wide range of diversity and inclusion related programs and activities to its workforce. Key elements include Diversity Teams, cultural awareness programming, and education and training opportunities.

Our External Partnerships

As part of our national and community outreach efforts, SGF has developed partnerships with suppliers, community and civic organizations, and higher education. Our Supplier Diversity Program focuses on developing a diverse supplier base that is reflective of the communities where we operate. Other philanthropic partnerships also promote diversity and inclusion.