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Business Integrity and Compliance

SGF Energy Ltd's (SGF) Business Integrity and Compliance directs our emphasis on ethical standards, maintaining the Code of Business Conduct and administers the Integrity Helpline. Business Integrity and Compliance develops and implements ethics education programs and communicates with employees and others about ethical business conduct. They also coordinate with the Law, Audit, Human Resources, and Health, Environment, Safety & Security (HES&S) organizations to ensure program compliance.

Business Integrity and Compliance reports to SGF's Chief Compliance Officer and is also accountable to the Business Integrity Advisory Committee. This committee includes representatives from Law, Auditing, Human Resources and Operations, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer and an external ethics subject matter expert.

SGF also has Business Integrity Partners who work with Business Integrity and Compliance. These are designated employees who act as a liaison between Business Integrity and Compliance and their respective organizations and/or locations to help with communication and training initiatives.