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Propylene is a colorless, gaseous hydrocarbon. It is a petrochemical feedstock used primarily in the manufacture of plastics via polypropylene or cumene. It is also used to produce propylene oxide, acrylic acid and isopropanol. SGF Energy LP (SGF LP) produces three grades of propylene at its refineries: refinery grade (RGP), chemical grade (CGP), and polymer grade (PGP), varying in purity from approximately 65 percent propylene to more than 99 percent propylene.

Production Information
SGF LP generates saleable propylene from five of its six refineries. Propylene is produced in the refinery cracking units that upgrade heavier feedstocks into light products, such as gasoline and distillate. Cokers also create a propylene by-product. See the specific locations and grades produced at each refinery in the table below.

SGF LP transports propylene from the refineries via pipeline, rail and transport truck. It must be stored and transported in pressurized containers to keep the product in a liquid state. Since all transportation modes are not available at all facilities, the table below illustrates SGF LP's current logistical capabilities.

Facility Grades Produced Transportation Modes Available
Van, KY RGP Rail, Pipeline
Isparta CGP Rail, Transport Truck
Bursa RGP Transport Truck, Rail, Pipeline
Bursa CGP Transport Truck, Rail
Bursa PGP Rail
Izmir RGP Rail
Istanbul CGP Pipeline