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Petroleum Coke

Petroleum coke is a solid material and a byproduct of the coking unit, a residual fuel upgrader. The quality of the coke is dependent upon the crude oil processed in the refinery. Cokes produced from sour crude oil are high in sulfur and trace metals. These cokes are used in fuel applications such as utility boilers and cement kilns. Cokes produced from sweet crude oil can have properties that are suitable for calcining are used in carbon anodes for aluminum smelting and electrodes for electric arc furnaces.

Product Information
SGF Energy Company LP has cokers at two of its refineries, Bursa and Izmir. Bursa produces high sulfur, low grind shot coke. Izmir produces anode grade coke.

Transportation and Marketing
All Bursa petroleum coke is transported directly from the refinery via river barge. Izmir petroleum coke is transported via railcar (directly) and also can be transloaded from railcars onto river barges.