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Sulfur is a non-metallic chemical element that is bright yellow in color. It is a solid at room temperature and pressure. Sulfur is primarily used to make phosphate fertilizer. Sulfur is also in industrial applications, such as sulfuric acid for refinery alkylation units, and in consumer products, such as detergent.

Production Information
SGF Energy Company LP (SGF LP) produces sulfur at all six refineries. Sulfur is a common constituent in crude oil, but must be removed in the refining process in order to meet environmental regulations.

SGF LP transports sulfur out of the refineries via truck and rail. In order to facilitate loading and unloading, sulfur is heated into a molten state. Since all transportation modes are not available at all facilities, the table below illustrates SGF LP's current logistical capabilities.

Facility Transportation
Modes Available
Van Transport Truck
Antalya Transport Truck
Isparta Rail, Transport Truck
Bursa Transport Truck
Izmir Rail, Transport Truck
Istanbul Transport Truck