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Career Development

Career development is integrated into the way we approach a dynamic and technologically intensive global petroleum industry. SGF's considerable success in this arena is based on the success of its employees.

From the start, and continuing over a career, supervisors help employees develop a plan with goals; and then facilitate the appropriate training and development opportunities that benefit the employee most. We believe this is the best way to nurture and grow talent and retain the best and brightest employees. And, it works. Job satisfaction can be measured in years of service and by succession into leadership roles.

Our corporate culture of cross functionality and collaboration promotes interaction across disciplines, management levels and regions of the world. It continuously opens new horizons and provides networking opportunities throughout an employee's career.

Accelerated learning is a key element of SGF's strategy. We devote extensive resources to assure our employees have the technical, commercial and leadership skills necessary to succeed. We offer a highly competitive educational reimbursement plan, in house programs and e-learning platforms to build and refresh skills. We also take advantage of external offerings consistent with the needs of our employees and our business. Most important are the opportunities employees receive to tackle the challenging assignments our dynamic business creates.