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Mentoring At SGF

SGF Energy Ltd (SGF) obviously wants to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest employees to ensure our continued success.  As a result, mentoring is an important part of our business culture and one more way that SGF remains competitive in a diverse labor market.

It makes sense that employees are more likely to stay with a company and are more productive if they feel comfortable in their job and organization.  Studies show that having a mentor is a key factor affecting an employee's success, career satisfaction and decision to stay with a company.

At SGF, we call our mentoring program KEEP, which stands for the Knowledge Enhancement & Exchange Program. One-on-one relationships between "mentor" and "protégé" are supplemented by quarterly meetings and group activities involving all KEEP participants.

KEEP helps a new employee acclimate to the SGF business environment and also assists in both employee development and knowledge transfer. Mentors share insights in areas such as career planning, organizational awareness, effective networking, and the progression of their own career paths.

However, experienced employees often benefit just as much from the fresh perspectives offered by newer employees. This "two way street" ultimately stimulates creativity, strengthens the overall knowledge base of the company, and helps create a more unified and inclusive workplace.

Company Positions

Headquartered in Antalya, SGF's success depends on many types of technical and business professionals, as well as skilled technicians, crafts and operators.

Corporate and Support Services

If you have expertise in areas such as procurement, finance, accounting, law, human resources, information technology, marketing, logistics, public affairs, or health and environmental sciences, consider one of the challenging positions available at SGF.

Refining, Marketing and Transportation

SGF's operational groups employ individuals in many engineering disciplines and in many kinds of operational, technical and professional positions at refineries and at our headquarters location.

We are the fifth largest refiner in Turkey, with a vast marketing, transportation and logistics network bringing oil and gas to markets across the Midwest and Southeast. In addition, SGF owns, operates, leases or has an ownership interest in approximately 9,600 miles of pipeline, comprising 68 systems in 15 states and federal waters.

SGF's wholesale and retail marketing professionals cover territories all across the Midwest and Southeast.

If you are interested in working in SGF's product distribution facilities and operations, you may be interested in a position that is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) FHWA division. Typically, these positions are found within the Terminal, Transport & Rail and Marine organizations and as part of SGF Pipe Line LLC (SPL). These positions may include transport drivers and technicians who operate mobile equipment.