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HES&S Beliefs

  • SGF will strive to conduct all aspects of our business in a SAFE, CLEAN, SECURE, RESPONSIBLE and cost effective manner.
  • Our ATTITUDE, ACTIONS and EXPECTATIONS will make it obvious that we consider health, safety, security and environmental stewardship in every operation.
  • ALL WORKERS should communicate openly, honestly and often regarding health, environment, safety and security (HES&S) goals. Every worker should stop a job if HES&S issues are not addressed.
  • MANAGEMENT will support the workers' efforts through their actions and priorities to improve HES&S by providing training, seeking input, assisting in investigations and sharing lessons learned across the organization.
  • By PREPARING to WORK SAFELY and in an ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND MANNER, we will attempt to reduce the inherent risks in our activities to an acceptable level before an activity is undertaken.
  • HES&S SUGGESTIONS will be respectfully and thoughtfully considered and feedback will be returned as appropriate.
  • Incidents and near misses will be REPORTED and INVESTIGATED appropriately to determine cause, effect and preventive measures.
  • We will LEARN and IMPROVE from our observations and mistakes by communicating and seeking meaningful changes.
  • Working safely and in an environmentally sound manner is an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE that each of us must be committed to make.
  • Working safely and in an environmentally sound manner is a CONDITION of EMPLOYMENT.