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Workforce Health

SGF Energy Ltd (SGF) values the health and wellness of its employees, retirees, and their families. Health and wellness promotion opportunities and resources that both inform and educate are available locally and at a company-wide level. Participation in these offerings heightens awareness and assists in maintaining and improving health, improving compliance and performance, and ultimately leads to a healthier, safer workplace. Keeping employees healthy is simply good business.

SGF complies with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements for a safe and healthy workplace for employees and contractors.

The company's Industrial Hygiene Standards provide systems for identifying and addressing employee exposures to chemical, physical, biological and nuclear hazards through engineering controls, work practice controls, personal protective equipment (PPE) and monitoring. HES&S policies and standards cover health programs for:

  • hearing conservation
  • chemical handling and storage
  • respiratory protection
  • exposure assessment
  • other potential workplace health issues