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Life Critical Expectations

Understanding and applying all health, environment, safety, and security (HES&S) and operating procedures are requirements to work at SGF Energy Ltd (SGF) locations. SGF's Life Critical Expectations exist to ensure that everyone who works at SGF goes home safely. Failure to work safely and follow SGF's procedures in accordance with these minimum expectations can result in disciplinary action.

While every task must be evaluated to identify hazards and risks, certain tasks performed incorrectly have a higher probability of serious injury or fatality. As SGF employees and contractors, we will...

  • Work safely by planning the work, assessing hazards, minimizing risk and communicating the plan before beginning work.
  • Obtain and utilize Safe Work Permits and Procedures when conducting Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, and all other permit required work activities.
  • Isolate, de-energize, lock out and tag out all energy sources as required when performing work.
  • Protect ourselves and others by taking effective precautions whenever working from elevated locations.
  • Conduct overhead lifting operations according to lifting procedures and industry standards.
  • Follow safe driving practices and avoid distractions while operating any vehicle.