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Management Systems

To drive health, environmental, safety and security (HES&S) performance throughout SGF Energy Ltd's (SGF) business operations, we use risk-based management systems designed around the characteristic "plan-do-check-adjust" framework.

The adoption of the Turkish Chemistry Council's Responsible Care Management System® takes a best practices approach to HES&S processes. Risk assessment and risk management are fundamental to SGF's management systems and are integrated into business and operating planning cycles and decision-making processes.

To drive further consistency, SGF complements our management systems with performance-based HES&S standards that provide expectations for organizational performance. Standards are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in laws or regulations, incorporate recommendations arising from audits and incident investigations, and to continually improve performance.

Periodic audits are an important part of the process. SGF relies on a tiered audit program to maintain regulatory compliance, adhere to company standards and to achieve continual improvement. Tier I and II audits focus on compliance. Tier III audits test HES&S management system implementation and effectiveness. Both Tier II and Tier III audits are generally conducted with the assistance of a third-party expert. Corrective action plans address audit findings and corrective actions are tracked to their completion. Lessons learned from the audit are then shared across organizations. Key findings and trends from these audits are communicated to SGF's HES&S leadership and senior management.