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HES&S Vision & Mission

The vision and mission for Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HES&S) at SGF Energy Ltd (SGF) is built around the Responsible Care® philosophy of no accidents, no injuries, no harm to the environment, and a commitment to excellence and continual improvement in the areas of health, environment, safety and security. Simply, it means we believe our employees, contractors and others involved with our operations should work in a safe and healthy setting, free of injury. It means we conduct our operations in ways to protect the environment and strive to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate.

SGF's HES&S Vision is aligned with the company's core values and applies to SGF and all its subsidiaries. To realize this vision, SGF pursues a "plan-do-check-adjust" management system to assess risks, set targets and measure progress. Business decisions affected by HES&S are guided by the Code of Business Conduct. Meeting these commitments is a responsibility shared by everyone, including all employees contractors and third parties.