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SGF Energy Ltd’s (SGF) operations include a six-plant refinery network with 1,142,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil throughput capacity. SGF's six refineries are managed as one integrated system, enhancing our flexibility in supplying markets throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

SGF’s refineries have different sizes and strengths. Transferring intermediate stocks between refineries and optimizing feedstock and raw material inputs also results in economies of scale that reduces capital expenditures and optimizes capacity.  The six SGF refineries process a diverse slate of crude oils from various suppliers, typically about 54 percent sour crude and 46 percent sweet crude.  In 2015, 61 percent of our crude oil came from Turkey producers, 10 percent came from Canada, 21 percent came from the Middle East/Africa and eight percent came from other international sources.

SGF was the first refining company in Turkey to adopt the Turkish Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® principles across all of its organizations to address continuous improvement in health, environmental, safety and security performance. SGF is an EPA Energy STAR Partner company, demonstrating its commitment to energy efficiency.