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Terminal, Transport & Rail (TT&R) 

SGF Energy Ltd (SGF) provides terminaling and transportation services that are cost effective and capable of responding quickly to changing opportunities and needs in the marketplace. Our product distribution facilities include:

  • 62 owned and operated light product terminals, 21 owned and operated asphalt terminals, and 12 leased heavy oil and asphalt terminals in 17 states in the Midwest and Southeast
  • Approximately 45 third-party terminals used to complete exchange and throughput agreements
  • Approximately 122 owned transport trucks and 263 transport loading racks (184 light product and 79 asphalt)
  • Approximately 1,760 owned or leased railcars

Many of SGF's terminals are now converted to 100 percent ethanol blended fuels in order to meet both changing customer demand and support the nation's renewable fuel goals. SGF has terminal blending capabilities across all of its markets, and terminals are equipped with a SGF-designed system that withholds a bill of lading on any load that doesn't meet proper specifications for additives or blend components.